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In fact, when our marketing team at Clever Investor approached me about entering the chatbot marketplace, I shot down the idea several times.


My misconception was that a bot would create a disconnect from our customers. Turns out that, when done right, it is quite the opposite. Conversational Marketing is the name of the game today. This is simply not possible with a website, email , video or any other 1-way communication method. Bots solve this problem by keeping users involved and moving from one step to another. Like in any relationship, the rapport between your bot and your prospect is critical. Nobody likes talking to someone who rambles, so be sure to avoid using big blocks of text in your flows interactive bot experience.

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Limit text to a few lines at a time and intermix your messages with questions and various media. Bots allow you to add images, video and audio, as well as unique content elements including cards, lists and galleries. While you should design with human-like conversation in mind, you should never try to fool the user into believing your bot is human. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about Messenger Marketing. New bot builders often struggle to deliver content with conversational timing. To keep users engaged, never give them more than they can chew on at any given time.

This keeps the conversation flowing. That way, as the user finishes reading the text, the GIF appears on cue. Tags are essential for building a dynamic and effective bot. When a user clicks a button, always apply a tag. This will create a record of their likes and dislikes and allow you to unlock the power of conditional logic if this, then that. Users can access flows in various ways including the menu, sequences, broadcasts and from within other flows. While the numbers are certainly amazing, when utilized correctly, messenger apps can be more of an email savior than a killer.

Bots are a tremendous way to build your email list.

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This is largely due to the ability of a user to provide their email with 1-click and phone number as well! These days, you should not only be thinking about your marketing lists email, phone and now Facebook Messenger , but also your remarketing list as well. Remarketing ads to your bot subscribers is highly targeted, cost effective and provides a great user experience.

Learn more here. It is worth noting that in addition to phone and email, your bot may be capable of capturing data such as gender and country local from Facebook or whatever platform your bot runs on. That said, it can be difficult to split test a website, otherwise everybody would do it.

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Bot platforms like ManyChat make split testing easier than ever. Most often, these are steps in your flow which have buttons either leading a user down a different path in your flow or to an external webpage. Yes, split testing can help you refine and improve. Keep in mind that sending users to anything other than your most effective messaging does come with a cost. When starting a new split test, use your gut to determine which option you believe will do better as you will usually be correct.

While it is important to incrementally improve your engagement and website clicks by split testing within your bot flows, there is no place that testing is more important than when sending outbound messages. Remember, there are lots of message formats you can test including standard buttons, cards, galleries and lists. Try multiple formats to see which gets the most clicks. The best bot building interfaces, such as the Flow Builder, are great because they make processes like split testing as simple as possible.

When building, remember that one highly converting flow can potentially generate more sales than an entire website. While the most common bot split tests happens within a flow, you can also think about testing on a higher level.

Not all clicks are created equal. In addition to higher open rates and click-through rates, the conversion rate from a bot clicker can be much higher than email as well. When building your bot, you can choose from two primary button types. Standard buttons are our preferred method in most situations as they have higher click rates, but are limited to three button options at a time. Just be sure to give clear instructions to ensure users click a quick reply button, rather than submitting text.

A well designed bot will help users get to where they want in as short of path as possible. This maximizes conversions because it allows those who want to take immediate action to do so, while giving added detail to those who want it. It works like a charm. ManyChat has emojis in their message editor or you can go to Emojipedia. That said, there are situations where you might not want to maximize clicks. People love having choices.

Offering multiple buttons will not only increase your total clicks, it also gets people interacting with your bot. This is good for several reasons including the fact that it extends your ability to send the subscriber additional messages using standard messaging see below. Bots allow you to integrate automated marketing channels like never before, allowing you to maximize sales on autopilot. Use a tool like Zapier to integrate your messenger marketer bot with your email marketer CRM. This generally is done using tags. For example, if a user clicks a sales page link in your bot, a tag can trigger an email to send which includes a discount code to help make the sale.

It all comes down to progress—in particular, making meaningful daily progress and being celebrated for it. Getting a new account, giving a huge presentation, raising the money, releasing a new product, and so on.

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However, to get to those big moments, there are hundreds and usually thousands of hours of smaller tasks that lead up to the launch. There are a number of ways that you can start applying the Progress Principle to your company. The first is to train your managers to be generous with their praises when a task—no matter how small—is accomplished. When the little wins are recognized, productivity and morale increases.

If this is a huge shift, it will require some getting used to—and there is where the 5 Second Rule comes in. When you have an instinct to applaud the progress of someone else, without hesitating, count and go do it. My own team uses a project management software that, at the each of each workday, prompts every employees to make a list of what they accomplished that day. When things start rolling off the tracks, check in with your teammates and employees and be their fan, listen to where they need support, and never stop reminding them just how important they are.

You can use the 5 Second Rule to make it a habit to celebrate the people in your company and let them know that they matter. How do you think the 5 Second Rule could improve job satisfaction at companies?

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Mel Robbins: In addition to encouraging employees to tap into the Progress Principle described above and celebrate their daily progress, another way to improve job satisfaction is by teaching people to use the 5 Second Rule each day. When employees are empowered to use The 5 Second Rule, it becomes easier for them to move from thought to action and to increase their visibility at work. At work, you tend to only get credit for what people see. When people have the courage and confidence to express themselves, they often become more engaged at work. Mel Robbins: As people learn the 5 Second Rule, they gain the ability to move from thought to action.

Beyond becoming more confident and courageous, people who use the Rule get more done at work, act without hesitation, become more productive, and have better control over their thoughts.

The 5 Second Rule has the potential to shape the workforce by pushing more people to share and act on their ideas that they ordinarily may have kept quiet. As people start using the Rule to speak up more in meetings, stop analyzing every email, and start working instead of procrastinating, a shift happens inside. For those whose jobs involves selling, the Rule allows you to through the mental dread and switch gears and pick up the phone. And, if you are in a customer facing role and you feel your nerves or anger rising, the Rule will stabilize your physiology and thoughts and give you the ability to self-monitor.

What is the key take away for HR and business leaders from your talk?

Business Book Review "The 5 Second Rule"

My favorite thing about this Rule is how universal—and effective—it is. For years, I lived my life in my head. We all do it. I did it for years. It was a habit. It will teach you to move from thinking about the fears that hold you back to taking the actions that will improve your life. You change your life one five second decision at a time.

By the end of my presentation, you will know exactly how and when to apply the Rule in order to take your life to the next level.